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How to identify online scam businesses

Online businnes

A lot of people suffer great losses online; whether someone steals their identity or straight up steals their money; online theft is becoming an epidemic. One of the biggest reasons for this is fake businesses which are set up online and trap people into revealing their personal and billing information which equips these shady websites with the tools to misuse their information and steal their money.

Whatever business online they are doing whether they are selling products online or services; you need to be careful about where you put down your personal and billing information. Here are some ways to identify fake websites which aim to scam innocent people!

1.  Asks for Billing Information

If you visit a website and its asks you to sign up before you can use it and then asks you to enter your credit or debit card information as part of the signing up process; do not do it! You should be very particular and careful about where you give out your billing information. A website which immediately asks you for such information is usually not to be trusted.

2. Secure Network

A website which is legitimate usually has secure networks thus the address will read ‘https’, the S denoting that the website is secure. If the website is not secure and is asking for your billing information in order to send a product to you, it is best not to order from them. This is because most reliable and trustworthy websites invest enough in their websites to make them secure so hackers cannot steal their customers’ billing information.

3.  Weird pop-up ads

If the website you are on has weird pop-up ads which pop up again and again not matter how many times you close them; it is not a good site. Most trustworthy sites do not use pop-up ads as a means of advertising. And if the pop-ups keep asking for permission to download something on your computer or to access your files; chances are this site is fake and someone is trying to take over your computer. Hence, stay away from an online business where such things are present.No

4.  address or number

If you are on a website where someone is selling products online but there is no way to reach the company by either phone or an address given; chances are the company is a scam! This is just an online business which wants your money or your billing information for wrong purposes. It is a better idea, to stray away from websites like these and go to online retailers who you can talk to and clear away your worries.

5. Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to determine the credibility of any business online is to read the reviews left about it by customers. If there is no space for leaving reviews or comments on the website, you can search for the company in any search engine and see what people have to say. If someone had a bad experience with the website and posted about it somewhere, you will find it. If the online business was actually a company set up to scam people; you will be saved from a very bad experience!


6. Search for their address

If you are doubtful whether the online company is a scam or not, you should look for the address they have given for their offices. Search for it on Google Maps or any other GPS device to see whether the business actually exists in that location. If it does not; you will be saved from a lot of trouble caused by scammers.

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