How to Build a Store on E-bay?

How to Build a Store on E-bay?

Creating an e-bay store is a great way to start a new business; in addition to that the process to create a new store is quite simple as well. To begin with creating a new online store you must make sure you have two important things; firstly you should have your own e-bay seller account with a credit card on file.

Make note that if you have a new e-bay account there will be a limit regarding how many products you put on sale. Moreover if you do have a limit imposed on your account you may not be able to access all the features on the website. Another thing that you must make sure you have is a PayPal account that is verified.

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Once you have made sure that you have both these things you can choose your subscription details. When you click on the subscription now link you will be directed to a page that will provide you with a reminder that the e-bay store falls under the same user agreement which you agreed to when you began to sell on e-bay. You can choose a subscription level according to your desires. Each subscription level has its own benefits.

After finalizing your subscription method you can finally choose to customize your store the way you want it to look like. E-bay offers its users with different colors, graphics and themes so that you can design your store according to your likes. You can either choose from the 14 different organized layouts or you can pick any of the customizable themes. Try to make your store look unique and creative so that you are more likely to attract a lot of customers.

As you complete designing your store, you can select the name you wish to keep for the store. Make sure that your online store has a name that limits to 35 characters. Double-check before you finalize the name of your online store and keep in mind that you cannot use any permutation of e-bays trademark while naming your store. After naming your store make sure you add a brief description about the store as keywords from this description will help customers easily find you.

Once you have completed all these steps your store is officially able to be open for business and thus you can now make it live for the customers. You can decide what category you would like to categorize your store in and then put up the product you want to sell online.