The Four Essential Pillars of Doing Business Online

The Four Essential Pillars of Doing Business Online

Selling products online is all about the customers and the availability of the products they want to buy. There are a few essential things an online store must have to be able to sell and provide customers with the products and service they want, things without which a business simply can’t be.

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Customer support

Whenever you’re developing a business online, one of the basic things you need to have is proper customer support. Your clients will surely have many questions they will want to ask about your products or just simply have a request or issue with the product they received and you need to have a way to give them the help and answers they need. Otherwise, the experience they will have with your online store won’t be pleasant and may affect your business badly in the long run.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart is the essence of every business, be it online or not. When you create an online store, keep in mind that a great deal of the buyers you will have will want to purchase more than one product, and for that, a shopping cart is needed. If you don’t have a shopping cart, you’re taking away potential buyers who wouldn’t want to have to purchase multiple products one by one (understandably).

So, whenever you’re selling products online, make sure the customers have a cart to put them in.

Different payment methods

The online store builders as any other online store you open are global. This means that anyone from anywhere in the world can open the content of your website and see the products you’re selling. Different countries have different credit cards and different ways to pay for online purchases, so by limiting your payment methods to one or two, you’re losing the buyers you would get.

Additionally, limiting your market to only a few countries shortens the exposure you’re getting and the number of sales you could get. When you create an online store, think through about whether you will let people from multiple countries make a purchase and whether you will allow the payment to be made by different methods.


Having different certificates that support the quality of your products and your whole business online generates trust in your client’s eyes and has proved to increase the rate of returning buyers.


These things might seem trivial to you as a beginner, but experienced and successful online business owners know how important they are and that a business can’t function and grown if it lacks these things.